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Myofacial Release and Core Strenthening

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“Judy is a true professional and phenomenal Pilates teacher, who honors and respects the teachings of Joe Pilates. She adheres to the classical and true methods…” – Susan O.

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Who Are We?

Pilates Studio COVID-19 UPDATE

Our primary focus is on your individual health and safety with MA guideline restrictions in place. We are open starting on June 8, 2020 offering private and duet indoor Pilates classes and outdoor poolside mat Pilates. What’s not to LOVE!

Myofascial Release Center COVID-19 UPDATE

Myofascial Release: The John Barnes Approach 
Starting June 8, 2020 we are open for private MFR sessions. Medications, therapy and other modalities not working? Try releasing muscle restrictions with this gentle and effective technique.


flexibility • balance • endurance • strength


Foxboro location off route 140 and 106 
(508) 208-6884