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What Our Clients Say

“Judy is more than a Pilates teacher to me. Her unique approach to Pilates training and dedication with my daily struggle with Huntington’s Disease has improved my gait, balance, posture, confidence, coordination, concentration and poise. My neurologist credits Pilates and Myofascial Release with slowing down Huntington’s symptoms. The classes are never boring as she continuously develops new ways to meet and progress the clients needs. Thank you for caring and all you have done for me.” – Caryll G.

“Judy is a true professional and phenomenal Pilates teacher, who honors and respects the teachings of Joe Pilates. She adheres to the classical and true methods. Few other classical instructors can be found in Massachusetts. She is the one!” – Susan Orpin, Principal Interior Designer at The Orpin Group

“I have had the pleasure of learning and experiencing Pilates with Judy at her Pilates Studio in Easton. I have taken Pilates classes from other instructors but I never understood the concept or the proper technique until I met Judy. Her knowledge of the anatomy and how the body works by gender and age group make a big difference. Everybody’s body is different and when I took classes where I was one of 20 people, my body always hurt and I never felt I was achieving results. Judy’s one on one attention and instruction of proper movements has made a great difference in helping me achieve my goals of good health and flexibility.” – Dottie Fulginiti, Global Enterprise Computer Maintenance Specialist

“I have been training with Judy since 2005 and she is a wonderful Pilates instructor and trainer. In 2005, I came to Judy with a bad back ache every morning that I woke up. Now, I have a healthy back and core! Judy’s commitment to Joseph Pilates methodology and her knowledge of the body as a PT Assistant makes her a strong coach. I would highly recommend that you check out Judy’s Easton Pilates Studio.” – Deborah R. Bowman, CPA, Owner ACT CPA

“I’m a huge fan of Pilates at Easton Pilates because Judy brings together the rigor of a well-designed challenging workout with the safety and science of what the doctor ordered to work wonders on your body. Judy empowers you to understand your own dysfunctional movement so you can correct it and effectively achieve your goals. I definitely recommend classes at Easton Pilates. I especially love the private lessons so I can focus on my problem areas.” – Joanne Z.

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