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Foxboro Studio Programs Offered

Small Group Classes

android-photos-020We offer small group mat Pilates Tower equipment and barre classes with a minimum of 3 and a max of 6 participants to one teacher. This allows for the instructor to check on each individual with a trained eye, make corrections, keep the client safe and modify the movement if necessary giving the client the best possible workout experience.



Private & Semi Private

If you are new to Pilates training an introductory private lesson with one of our teachers will get you on the right path to overall health, wellness and nutrition. Achieve long term weight loss and physical fitness with a nurturing trainer and accountability buddy system.  If you have an injury, need to train for a sport, or have personal aspirations, private training is for you.



Group Myofascial Release & Unwinding

Return to your body using guided imagery techniques on balls and foam rolls to melt painful restrictions that limit movement. Understand your chronic pain and why nothing has helped.  Learn to treat yourself every day by tapping into your sub-conscious mind and  unwinding the knots in the fascia. This class is magical and will change your life.